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If you want to start a new project, make a difference, change the game, disrupt your market, or change the world, it all starts with a few good ideas. And a couple of great ones.

And those ideas, don’t grow on trees, or the internet, they grow in you, from seeds you create.

Creativriver helps you find, plant, and nurture those precious seeds, and gives you the inspiration, and tools, to start a fire with the trees you grow.


Creativriver is a series of unique, interactive workshops that help you become the most creative, inspired, and joyful idea generator that you can be.


You were born creative.

Creativity is hard-wired and programmed into each of us as part of our essential humanness. All of us are creating new ideas and solutions all the time. Everyone is searching for more inspiration, joy and fresh creativity in their lives. Sometimes we get stuck. The ideas won’t come. It happens to all of us.

The Creativriver workshops with Scott Morgan are designed to inspire, and motivate you, with a dynamic series of hands-on explorations, discussions, and strategies to help you open up to the flow of creativity and river of ideas that are everywhere around and within you.


Creativriver is not just for artists. 

Our workshops are for humans, in all shapes and sizes, who want to stimulate their imagination and rekindle the wonder and joy that are the root of all creativity. When you water that root, flowers blossom and ideas flow. Poets, potters, plumbers, photographers, painters, psychologists and politicians, lawyers, lawmen, cowboys and surfers, artists, mothers, brokers, singers, saints and sinners. Anyone who needs fresh ideas and new perspectives will benefit from a swim in the Creativriver workshops.


Ideas are the currency of our time. 

If you need new ideas and dynamic solutions in your workplace, want to remove a creative block, or help in channeling your muse, these "hands-on and hearts in" workshops will open you to the world of creative flow that you actually are.

Each day of the workshop is filled with a mind-opening blend of humor, revelation, and insight. They are designed to take you from stuck and confused to inspired and excited. We explore mindful play and freedom filled creating, woven with observations into the process of creation, and tools for idea generation.

Dive in, the water is amazing…

Working with Scott was so inspiring, insightful, and practical. I loved it!
— Val Nelson, Artist, Vancouver BC


Our Workshops


01. Creativity One

This is the dynamic foundation of the Creativriver experience.

A two day intensive, hands-on workshop with Scott exploring the tools and methods of a more creative life. In this intimate setting, you dive deep into creativity, inspiration, and learn how to generate new ideas with a series of talks, insights, and explorations designed to open your mind and heart.

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02. Creativriver For Teams

Does your team need a new breath of fresh ideas?  This dynamic hands-on workshop is designed to help stimulate the flow of the ideas from the individual, to the group, and back again. Scott creates a joyful, fun and extremely supportive environment for opening up the hearts and minds of your team or office.

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03. Project support

Have an ongoing project?  Starting a new body of work? New portfolio direction? This ongoing workshop provides one on one guidance and insight for artists, writers and other creative humans wanting an inspiring, supportive and insightful guide for your journey.

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04. Creativity Two

This profound two day workshop takes the basic systems and tools from CR One and allows participants to go deeper. The focus is on reinforcing the progress made in CR One and exploring the next level of living a creative and dynamic life.

Prerequisite; Creativity One

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05. Creativriver in residence

Go deep. Go deeper.

This is a workshop in an extended weekend or weeklong retreat setting for diving deep within your own creative flow and working beyond the foundation work from CR1. A time for letting go in a beautiful environment with like-minded creative humans and going deep into your creative river of possibilities.

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“ideas are coming,

are you ready?”

Scott morgan  |  Founder and head fool

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