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Working with Scott changed my life. It’s that simple.
— Michael Microulis, Photographer, Los Angeles

One of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had in a dynamic group setting.
Scott made it so beautifully simple that even a child could do it.
— Zarrar Jahangir, student, Hamilton

Fun, Exciting, intriguing and actionable…I loved it all.
— Margret McDonald, Artist, Hastings


Creativriver gives you the inspiration,and the tools, to change your world.




01. Creativity One

The Deep dive

This is the foundation Creativriver course for body and mind, hands and heart.

In this two day workshop with Scott you will jump into the river of creativity and learn tools, strategies and explorations to create a more joyful, fulfilling and creative life.

Whether you are an artist, photographer, lawyer, teacher, plumber, potter, writer, dancer, waitress, or rock star this dynamic workshop with help you generate more ideas, solutions and flow in your life.

You will be inspired, supported, and encouraged by Scott's boundless enthusiasm and compassion while you learn his time-tested tools and strategies for freeing up ideas for all aspects of your demanding, creative life.

Everyone leaves the workshop with an entire toolbox of practical tools and distinct creative strategies that take the workshop experience home. This workshop is the beginning of a new creative life, a new way of seeing. It will jump-start your process of creativity, idea and solution generation and give you the fuel to keep that fire going.

Here are a few of the topics explored in the workshop

+ Your brain on Flow, and how to dive in

+ Inspiration, how to get some, and keep it!

+ Tools for feeding "the Muse"

+ The lost art of Joy

+ Unlocking Creative blocks

+ The Magic formula

+ Six steps to a creative life

+ The art, and science of Play

+ The lightning rod of ideas


All your materials are provided for the workshop.

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Special Student prices for all our workshops.

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I loved it!

Fun, Stimulating, Insightful and Inspiring.

Jennifer Mason, Artist/Educator, Toronto

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02. For Teams

Creating ideas and solutions together

Does your team or office need a new blast of fresh ideas?  

This dynamic hands-on workshop is designed to help stimulate the flow of the ideas from individual to group and back again.

Scott creates a joyful, fun and extremely supportive environment for opening up the hearts and minds of your team or office. Using the foundation elements of The Creativity One workshop we tailor a specific workshop for your group dynamic and the time available. These are scheduled from 3 hours to deep two day intensives. A perfect addition for a company retreat, or a regularly scheduled infusion of Creativriver inspiration and flow to keep your tribe excited, inspired and creating.

If you and your team want to make a difference, change the game, disrupt your market, and change the world, it all starts with a few great ideas. Creativriver gives you the tools and inspiration to start that fire.


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03. Project support

 the continuing journey

This powerful one on one workshop is structured around a client's needs. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions in person or via Skype provide the framework for a longer-term project or creative evolution based on the experiences in the Creativriver Creativity One workshop.

This is especially helpful for creatives looking to start a new body of work, change direction or break through to a new level of creative output or simply want more of the river of possibility that we dove into in the CR One.

Supportive, insightful guidance and feedback allow you to move forward with an inspiration, new idea or past a block in your creative journey. Practical tools, exercises, and explorations are assigned every session to help keep the flow going.


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I was feeling at a transition point in my practice. Working with Scott helped me see things differently. His exercises took me into new territory outside of what I knew, so that I felt I couldn't get it wrong, and I found myself enjoying making stuff, lots of stuff, with no agenda. From the outside, my practice may not look all that different, but from the inside, it feels all shiny and new and way more fun.

Thank you, Scott!

Val Nelson, painter, vancouver bc


04. Creativity Two

Establishing the flow

This two-day workshop takes the progress from CR One and dives in the deep end. Through a series of new explorations, participants go deeper into their own creative process, utilizing the fundamentals of idea generation, the joy of flow, and creative living learned from the first CR workshop. A perfect time to begin new projects and go deeper within your own creativity.

Prerequisite; Creativity One

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05. Creative practice and Spiritual practice

Silence and action in flow

Creativity, art making, and spiritual practice are deeply woven together. This dynamic workshop dives into the heart of this dance through explorations, practice, and insights from Scott Morgan’s 40 year personal spiritual and art practices. He leads you through rich historical contexts, scientific research in meditation and creativity, and both personal and group explorations focused on enlivening your own relationship to spirit and creation.

This is a two-day workshop.


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06. In Residence

swimming deeper

This is an in residence workshop in beautiful, relaxed environments around the world. Given throughout the year these long weekend, four day and weeklong retreats are designed to allow you to let go and dive deeper into your creative river. Small intimate groups provide a supportive and compassionate space for the joyful, exciting Creativriver journey.

Check the calendar and upcoming course news for details.


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“Scott's work is

deep, fun, insightful

and so inspiring.”


Eric Rosse  |  composer  | Los Angeles | Stockholm

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