David Hieatt and denim with soul.

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In the small Welsh town of Cardigan, David and his wife Clare have started a heart filled creative revolution. After a life of copywriting and fashion they moved to this beautiful town finding it filled with master craftsfolk with no place to show their timeless skills. After thirty years the local denim factory had shut down and moved to Morocco. Seeing an opportunity-rich with possibilities, they set out to create a new model of business and to make the best jeans in the world, one stitch at a time. And Hiut denim was born, with the motto “Do One Thing Well.” But they do so many things well.

To extend their creative reach and share what they had learned along the way, they founded the Do lecture series and the Do Book collection published by Chronicle books. David’s classic book Do Purpose has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs and creators around the globe and was a fundamental source and turning point in the founding of the Creativriver workshops. I can't say enough about what David and Clare have gifted the makers, creators, dreamers and change makers of the world.

There is a mountain of inspiration and possibility in every thing they touch.


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part of the  Do Book collection

part of the Do Book collection

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all images copyright Do lectures, Do Book co. and Huit denim

all images copyright Do lectures, Do Book co. and Huit denim

Scott Morgan